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Naked Eyes - Fuel For The Fire (1984)

Naked Eyes - Fuel For The Fire (1984)

Исполнитель: Naked Eyes
Страна: UK
Альбом: Fuel For The Fire
Жанр: New Wave / Synth Pop
Год выхода: 1984
Формат: VBR -263 kbps
Размер архива: 135 Mb


1.(What) In The Name Of Love 4:27
2.New Hearts 3:38
3.Sacrifice 4:07
4.Eyes Of A Child 3:37
5.Once Is Enough 4:10
6.No Flowers Please 4:02
7.Answering Service 3:43
8.Me I See In You 3:34
9.Flying Solo 4:32
10.Flag Of Convenience 4:10

Bonus Tracks

11.(What) In The Name Of Love (Extended
Version) 6:03
12.Sacrifice (Arthur Baker 12" Version) 6:03
13.(What) In The Name Of Love (Byrne &
Fisher Mix) 3:35
14. Two Heads Together 3:51
15.Fuel For The Fire (Demo) 3:46
16.Babes In Armour (Demo) 3:43
17.Sacrifice (Demo)

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